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Link for HubHacks2

Sorry for the additional note, just wanted to ensure that everyone had a working link. You can find more information at for our new HubHacks Data Challenge!

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Join us for HubHacks2!

It's been six months - some hot, most colder - since we all got together for HubHacks 1 at District Hall. The City is very excited today to announce a new Hackathon and Data Challenge - HubHacks 2 will be focused on bringing the best of the Boston technology community together to create and find unique data insights that will help our City stay healthy, innovative and thriving. If you are around March 14, join us!

More info and registration at - see you on March 14!

over 9 years ago

Announcing the winners

The votes are in! Go to the gallery to congratulate the winners and check out all of the excellent submissions.

Even though the competition is over, don't stop hacking. Use your portfolio to keep your project up to date and get feedback from fellow makers.

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Final push - don't forget to register and submit!

Teams - we are in the home stretch and excited to see what you have for us come the presentations at 2 p.m. Please be sure to register your teams on the main page at HubHacks so you can submit your presentations and demos!

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Extra Challenge Two Resource

Thanks to Andrew and one of the teams, there is another resource available for those working on Challenge #2. They've temporarily published an anonymous SAM address search service in REST (json/jsonp) format for the duration of the hackathon on one of the City's map servers.

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Let's Get Ready to Hack: Your Final Checklist

It's almost time - just one more day and we will be all together hacking for the betterment of Boston at District Hall. Registration begins at 9:30 a.m. and we will have some brief opening remarks at 10:00 a.m. before our brainstorming and hacking start. Where's District Hall? Right here, at 75 Northern Ave.

In addition to bringing your best ideas and willingness to say yes to anything, a few more practical suggestions:

Your work gear
  • Bring any gear and hardware you may need. Laptop, chargers, networking gear and any other equipment you like working with - we…

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Why Permitting Matters

Why improve the Permitting system at this weekend's Hub Hacks? Hear from those who drive our city's businesses.


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Challenge Documents and Files

Hello Everyone,

Thanks so much for participating in HubHacks!

For your convenience, here is a link to documentation we are providing you for the HubHacks Challenges. There is a lot to look through, but our goal was to give you as much background and information as possible. We hope its helpful, but don’t feel restricted by it. If you prefer to use the data and API in your own way, go for it.

For each of the four challenges, you will find an Overview document. They are titled as follows-- CHALLENGE [X] OVERVIEW: [Name of Challenge]

These documents contain

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HubHacks Schedule and Details

We're just a few days away, and we want to make sure everyone is set for a great weekend at District Hall. Our schedule is finalized and included below. You can also expect more information and supporting documentation for each of the challenges in the coming day.

Saturday August 9th

9:30 a.m. - Registration and breakfast available for participants

10:00 a.m. - Opening remarks from Martin J. Walsh, Mayor, City of Boston; Jascha Franklin-Hodges, CIO, City of Boston; & Matt Mayrl, Deputy CIO, City of Boston

10:30 a.m. - Brainstorm, Team Recruitment and Pitching

11:15 a.m. - Open Workshop Hours Begin

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Announcing Your HubHacks Advisors

We are excited to announce our advisors for HubHacks this weekend. Head on over to BostInno to get the story behind the four community members who will be advising and judging the best in each challenge over the weekend.

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Boston's Tech Community is Excited

As the calendar turns to August, it means we are just days away from our first ever HubHacks Challenge. The Tech Community here around town is equally excited as we are in City Hall. Make sure to read and share some of the great news about why HubHacks is going to make Boston better.