•   about 9 years ago

Support for remote participation?

Will you be allowing participation from individuals or teams who aren't able to be physically present the entire weekend? I saw a note that only teams who are present during the judging period (2pm-5pm on Sunday, August 10th) are eligible for any awards, but it wasn't clear if the same information and access would be provided to teams who aren't present in person at the start of the hackathon.

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  • Manager   •   about 9 years ago

    Teams are encouraged to attend Saturday in person to hear from Mayor Walsh on the importance of the endeavor, as well as to learn about how the challenges will work. Teams will also get a detailed walkthrough of the relevant parts of the API and learn about how the City selects its partners. While the files and documentation will be made available virtually, the more teams can be on site, the better.

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